6 Extremely Unflattering Photos of Stars Without Makeup

While none of us can deny that we’ve all had one of those rough days once in a while, these 6 celebrities have all sadly been caught on one of their roughest days ever! Possibly hungover and without a scrap of makeup, these celebrities looked drained, tired and plain peed off, probably because a paparazzi caught them out and about before they had time to clean themselves up! Clearly snapped in an unflattering light, these makeup-free stars were caught looking their worst when they usually look effortlessly beautiful. From spots to red complexions, these celebrities were caught off guard without any foundation or a drop of mascara, making for a photo they probably cringe over whenever they come across it!


Mila Kunis


Jennifer Lawrence
**EXCLUSIVE** Jennifer Lawrence looks far from the red carpet glamour as she grabs some health drinks from Whole Foods ahead of the release of 'The Hunger Games'

Jennifer Lopez

Jessica Simpson
jessica simpson

Sharon Osbourne
sharon osbourne

Tori Spelling
tori spelling