6 Celebrities Who’ve Had Accidentally Sheer Nip Slips

It can happen – the top that doesn’t look sheer in normal light might just end up being completely see through when your out and about or the photographer’s have their flash set on high. It wouldn’t look so bad if they’d had a bra on underneath, but these 6 stars also opted to go unsupported, thus creating an epic nip slip that will go down in history for ever – a pretty clear shot of everything that lies beneath, and a promotion for whatever strangely happy paparazzo managed to do the deed and get the photo in question! They were blissfully unaware that it was happening, but they’ve all had major accidental nip slips which left little to the imagination.



Demi Moore

demi moore

Michelle Rodríguez

Kelly Rowland
kelly row

Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole Scherzinger

Paris Hilton