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6 Best MMOs for life skills

Best life skills MMOs

If you’re looking for good MMOs where you can go adventuring and pick up useful life skills, here are six of the best ones.

6 Best MMOs for life skills


FFXIV emphasizes using all of the game’s features on a single character. As a result, leveling up all eight crafting jobs and three gathering jobs is advantageous for all characters. You can use gatherer-specific skills to gather more items or improve the quality of the items you gather. Similarly, Crafting Jobs have abilities that improve the quality and progress of an item, which means you’ll have to learn when to use each skill to craft every item you want to make.

Black Desert Online

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When it comes to discussions of real-world skills, Black Desert Online is by far the most often-cited MMO game. Due to the game’s extensive and detailed life skills, some players choose to focus solely on this aspect of the game, farming for resources and selling their wares for a huge profit.

New World

In New World, you can level up a dozen or so skills at once, just like in the good old days, but with a slick new veneer. In New World, there are a number of gathering, crafting, and refining abilities to hone, each of which unlocks new resources and items to trade or sell.


Being an older MMO, Mabinogi offers a wealth of content and exploration opportunities, particularly in the area of practical skills. Care for crops, make weapons and armor, or entertain other players with your musical talents. All of these abilities can be trained on the same character, just like in Final Fantasy XIV or RuneScape. You can also start over at level one while keeping all of your skills and items from the previous playthrough. A devoted fan base persists, and Mabinogi continues to receive regular updates.


The non-combat skills in RuneScape are very well known. You can level up every skill to 99, but it gets harder and harder to do so with each level. There are a lot of activities that teach life skills, and the economy is driven by the players.

Project: Gorgon

Gorgon is a retro-style sandbox MMO with over a hundred skills to level up and use. As a sandbox MMO, you have complete control over what you see and where you go. Despite its recent release in 2018, Project: Gorgon embraces the old-school style of older MMOs, with low-poly models, basic UI elements, and charmingly clunky combat.