5 Ways to Help Your Makeup Last All Day

Working hard all day long, it can difficult to find the time to keep your beauty look in check. Here are 5 simple ways to keep your makeup looking just as fresh and new hours after you’ve applied it. From primers to long-lasting colour, search for products that go that extra mile. 

  1. Blotting Paper

Only got a second to freshen up in the bathroom? Make your face look fresh by blotting off built up product and oil with separate pieces of blotting paper made just for the job – as a bonus they look cute in your bag too! 

  1. Eye Primer

Always find that your eyeshadow gradually moves in to your eye crease during the day or your eyeliner slowly melts off? Keep everything firmly in place by priming with a special eye primer. 

  1. Foundation Primer

To make your foundation last longer, after you moisturize in the morning, apply a good primer product all over your face to create a base before you begin applying makeup. Primers not only keep your makeup in place for longer but they also create a smooth and silky base to build your look on. 

  1. Long-Lasting Lips

Choose a long-lasting lip colour that will stay put during the day. There are many products that claim to stay on for the full day – if you want to add to your existing colour dring the day, keep a small product in your bag to top up when possible. 

  1. Translucent Powder

Keep some translucent powder on hand during the day with a brush or sponge and dab it on to oily/sweaty areas to retouch your matte finish foundation and keep your base looking its best.