5 Celebrities on Their Minimal Makeup Routines

Posted by admin on November 3rd, 2019

When these stars aren’t working hard, they like to keep their makeup routines minimal. Opting to just add a tinted moisturizer or some colour to their skin, these celebrities get by with just using a few key makeup products to create a simple, natural makeup look when they’re off-duty. Believing that it’s better to go natural than cake their skin in makeup, these stars are fans of a simple look and think less in more when it comes to applying it.

  1. Emma Watson

Emma likes a toned down look but likes to add structured brows: ”My speciality? I like quite a natural look, but I do everything really.  People underestimate the power of an eyebrow. I recently got my friend into penciling hers in, which she thought was such a strange concept at first.” 

  1. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth has a very simple routine, adding mascara if she’s working: ”It’s very minimal. After I drop my kids, I always exercise and then I take a shower and I basically just put on moisturiser – and that’s kind of it.” 

  1. Kate Hudson

Kate keeps it simple with eyeliner and lipgloss: “On a daily basis I’m as quick and natural as possible. I use Almay eye liner,  any lip gloss -I’m a bit obsessed – and mascara. I find that sometimes if you feel like you’re looking a little tired, an extra coat can be good. It’s almost more important to me than bringing powder.” 

  1. Kate Moss

Kate loves a dark eye: ”I just use a really good moisturiser regularly and sunscreen. I also love to  have a facial when I have the time and I drink lots of water. Black kohl is  essential for creating a classic smoky eye. [My best make-up tip is] to always  use eyelash curlers before applying mascara to really open the eyes.” 

  1. Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole wears a tinted moisturizer and adds colour to her look: ”Less is more when it comes to make-up – I don’t why young women wear so  much. On my days off my make-up is really minimal – tinted moisturiser, my  Stila Covertible cheek colour, lip gloss and a little bit of liner and mascara.”

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