5 Stars Who’ve Overcome Their Insecurities

Posted by PZ on October 10th, 2017

We all have our insecurities – things we don’t feel completely confident about – but some find it harder to let what haunts them and holds them back go. These 5 celebrities have spoken on overcoming those insecurities and becoming stronger people as a result. Some were too self-critical or believed they just weren’t good enough, while others took their careers too seriously and punished themselves harshly for mistakes. Here are their stories about how they got past those negative feelings and thoughts.

Jessica Alba


Jessica has let her insecurities go and is happier with herself: “After I became 30 and a mom of two, I sort of came into myself as a woman. And now I have a company and I feel better now. Especially after 30. Although I’m a little sad I won’t ever be in my 20s again.”

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