5 Stars Who Swear by Health-Boosting Smoothies

Posted by PZ on July 5th, 2017

Kicking off their day the right way or opting to boost their health by sipping on a smoothie, these 5 celebrities all swear by their own mixtures when it comes to keeping their figures in check. Some say drinking a smoothie a day helps keep their weight steady, others are happy about the health benefit and some even believe that their smoothies have anti-aging properties and down them as regularly as possible.

Dita Von Teese


Dita loves to start her day with a green smoothie: ”Basically what I’d do is I’d have the green smoothie in the morning. Sometimes I’d have it for lunch, or from early morning until midday. Then I’d have a small lunch, vegetarian based, like a salad. Then I’ll eat my normal dinner at night. I wouldn’t really say burlesque is what keeps me in shape. The green smoothie, that’s my number one secret.”

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