5 Stars Speak on Unnecessary Film Nudity

Nudity on the big screen has always been a controversial topic and not everyone agrees that stripping off for the camera is entirely called for. These 5 celebrities have voiced their opinions, some saying that they think nudity should be cut down to just when it is strictly needed for a part, while others think it’s over used in cinema and possibly shouldn’t even feature at all. Here are their opinions on the hot subject.

Kate Winslet


Kate has been nude on screen but only when she thinks it fits: “On a deeper, subconscious level, it’s one of the reasons why I’ve allowed my stupid self to be so naked on screen. It’s partly because I do believe that it’s right for the character and it’s right for the story but it’s also knowing that not many people do that, actually — and not just that, but I’m a normal person.”