5 Stars Reveal Their Tips & Tricks for Applying Foundation

It can be hard to know just how much foundation to wear or what the right type is for you. These 5 stars have revealed their own personal tips and tricks that they’ve picked up after years of doing their own makeup. From applying makeup with just your fingers for a swift and natural application, to opting for a creamy product to give a dewy finish, these stars have spoken on their own secrets when it comes to creating that perfect base. 

  1. Jessica Alba

Jessica likes to put on her foundation with her fingers because it’s quick and looks natural: “I’ve learnt to multitask and throw my look together in five minutes. I love make-up that I can apply with my finger tips, as it saves time.” 

  1. Alexa Chung

Alexa likes creamy foundations because they give her a dewy complexion: “I prefer using cream based products on my skin. I love having that summery dewy skin – I like using cream blushers as well.” 

  1. Elle Macpherson

Elle changes her foundation type depending on the day: “I also believe every woman should wear different types of foundation according to her day. The type I use can completely change of it’s the day, evening or if I’m doing business and I’m putting on a work face.” 

  1. Shakira

Shakira likes oil-free foundation products that are waterproof because they last: “I like to use Tarte foundation because it’s oil-free and waterproof and doesn’t have any of the other bad stuff. I don’t put it all over my face- just in certain areas.” 

  1. Zoe Saldana

Zoe uses foundation sparingly to even out her skin tone: “For me, less is more. I don’t really wear foundation all over my skin; I’ll just apply it where needed and pull my hair back in a ponytail.”