Zoe Saldana’s Top 5 Hair, Makeup& Beauty Secrets

Zoe Saldana is always an effortless, classic beauty – be it on the red carpet, or just relaxing off-duty – she never fails to impress and always looks timeless. The actress has commented on how she stays looking so beautiful, sharing some of her top secrets for makeup, hair and general beauty. From ways to tame wild hair, to her favourite makeup products, here are some of her best secrets to date. 

  1. She Uses Olive Oil on Her Hair

Zoe has a great tip to add moisture to her hair: “Put your hair in a ponytail and blot a bit of olive oil on the ends. Your hair just sucks in all that moisture.”

  1. Hair Serum Tames Her Wild Locks

She keeps her hair tamed with serum and oil: “It’s so unruly that I rely on hair serum and oil all of the time, just on the ends. I like it to look like a horse’s mane – completely uncombed and a bit bed-head.” 

  1. She Swears by Laura Mercier Foundation

She loves Laura Mercier foundations because it works best for her complexion: “I love Laura Mercier foundations. They have this Secret Camouflage that I actually can use on my whole face. I have yellow and olive undertones.”


  1. She Loves Lipstick

She loves lipstick and has a collection of different shades: “Even if it’s just for a quick drink, I never leave the house without make-up. I think lipstick makes a woman more beautiful. I’ve always got about five or six in my handbag. It’s very important to find one that suits you.”


  1. She Uses Basic Makeup When Off-Duty

She sticks to basic makeup when she isn’t working: “I’m always on the run because I’m such a workaholic, so I’m pretty low maintenance. A red lipstick and a ponytail and I’m good to go. I just need my basics: foundation, red lips, mascara and blush.”