5 Stars Describe Their Weird Dreams

Posted by PZ on April 22nd, 2022

We’ve all had weird and unexplainable dreams at one point or another, and these 5 celebrities have all described what happened to them in their bizarre dreams that they remembered upon waking up. Some had hilariously strange dreams that just don’t make any sense, while others were faced with fears or weird situations. Here are their personal weird dream stories!

Ashton Kutcher


While still married to Demi Moore, Ashton had a dream about other celebrities: “I had a really weird dream that I was on this tropical island with Woody Harrelson but had to get to an LA LAKERS game. Demi was with me, and she was upset because I was going to the game. So I was going in a limousine with Nicole Kidman and Woody, and then Nicole gave me her phone number, and Demi got mad at me because Nicole gave me her phone number and we went to the Lakers game. I’ve never ever had a dream with a celebrity in it, and then I have one with, like, 15.”

Billy Bob Thornton

Billy had a weird Titanic dream while married to Angelina Jolie: “When Angie and I were married, one night I had this bizarre dream about the Titanic – not the movie, but this real sense of being on it. I woke up and thought this house was the Titanic. I told Angie that this thing was going down, and we went over to the Sunset Marquis (hotel) and stayed there for three days. That was what was so great about her. She said: ‘Don’t worry, honey, it’s okay, we’ll go.'”

Ellen Page

Ellen has strange dreams about being on stage: “An example that happens a lot… I’ll be, like, onstage, getting ready to act and I’m just in my underwear and I look down and I might as well be, like, an old man’s beard or something. Or I’ll be topless and it will be, like, up to my boobs – like a reverse hairy chest!”

Lady Gaga

Gaga often has odd sex dreams: ”In my mind when I picture sex dreams, it’s so bizarre! It’s me standing there with some massive couture creation, staring at a blow-up doll or something. That’s what my sex dreams are like. My sex dreams are weird!”

Will Young

Will has dreams related to auditioning: ”I’m having lots of audition dreams at the moment, I’ve just auditioned for this film, I probably shouldn’t say because it probably won’t happen, but I’m waiting. I had this dream and they were like, ‘They want to know if you can do this’, it was something really weird. It’s the worst thing about auditioning, you wait and then you just have audition dreams until you know.”

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