Lady Gaga Explains Her Return to Natural Curled Hairstyle

Posted by PZ on October 23rd, 2017


Lady Gaga has recently returned to her roots! The singer has been rocking natural curls as of late and now she has explained the dramatic image change. Gaga wanted a new style as she worked on her new jazz album ‘Cheek to Cheek’ which she recorded with Tony Bennett. She felt like returning to her very natural curled hairstyle while creating the album because it reminded her of being young again:

“When I was choosing what kind of hair I wanted to wear while singing this album, I remembered how I wore my hair when I was 13 when I sang standards for the first time. I’m an Italian girl, so when I get out of the shower, my hair curls up and I get out my diffuser and put spray in it. Because I’m returning to my roots with jazz, I thought I’d also return to my hair roots.”

Gaga reveals that she tried not to focus on her beauty when she was recording because she wanted to just be comfortable in her own skin and forget about how she looks:

“Truthfully, I like to be as comfortable as possible when I’m onstage singing jazz. I don’t like to be thinking about if I look beautiful or not, or if there’s any sex appeal. Those things are distractions for me. I need to sing with my whole body and mind.”

The singer adds that her style was even influenced by Tony during the album recording because she wanted to look elegant for him:

“He calls me ‘lady’ when I’m with him, and it inspires me to wear elegant dresses. He’s never told me to change my clothes. He loves everything I wear – even when I come to the studio with a leather jacket on and a cigarette hanging out of my mouth. Something about him makes me want to dress nice.”


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