5 Star Guys Who Have a Crush on Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is hitting the peak of her fame right now – the reality star has successfully transitioned to catwalk model and recently wowed on the runway for the likes of Chanel and Givenchy. It’s no wonder that tonnes of star guys are lusting over the beautiful younger sister of Kim Kardashian and would love to at least land a date with the beauty who has previously dated ‘One Direction’ singer Harry Styles. Here are 5 celebrities who’ve admitted to having a crush on Kendall.

Tristan Evans


When asked if he would date one of Harry Styles’ exes, Tristan admits he thinks Kendall is gorgeous: ”I like Kendall, she’s quite good looking.”

Niall Horan

Back before Niall’s ‘One Direction’ bandmate Harry Styles began dating her, Niall admitted that he likes Kendall: “She’s so cute and I’m a sucker for nice eyes.”

Justin Bieber

An insider leaked that Justin has been calling Kendall and although he previously had a thing for her older sister Kim, he now would love a date with Kendall instead:  “He had a little-boy crush on Kim last year, but he’s obsessed with Kendall now.”

Joey Essex

Joey thinks Kendall is great: “I think Kendall Jenner’s a proper sort. I’m actually good friends with Kendall’s best mate Natalie ‘Bad’ Wood. Kendall always has these tattoos done and it’s her who does them.”

Austin Mahone

Austin says he thinks Kendall is beautiful and loves to watch her show: “I really like Kendall Jenner, I think she’s beautiful. Well, of course they’re all gorgeous. It gets a little crazy, a little tense on that show. It’s fun to watch.”