5 of Zendaya’s Best Beauty Secrets

Disney star Zendaya Coleman is a unique beauty and she always looks very radiant, even with minimal makeup and styling. The young starlet has shared her simple and unfussy beauty secrets that keep her visage glowing. Her favourite must-have product is a very basic one – she reveals that she doesn’t go anywhere without chapstick! She also likes to go minimal with makeup and pays attention to her dry hair, making sure to condition it well regularly. Here are her best beauty secrets!


  1. She Goes Natural

Zendaya reveals that she often goes as natural as possible: “I was encouraged by my fans to not wear so much makeup. You know, especially being a teenager, we like to think that we need makeup every day, even for going to school—like, I can’t go outside without my eyeliner. It’s weird! I don’t know why we do that. So, I enforced this whole natural thing.”