5 of Solange Knowles’ Top Makeup, Skin & Hair Secrets

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Solange Knowles is always instantly recognisable – outfitted in bright prints and not afraid to try out bold beauty looks – the DJ is definitely a style icon and knows exactly what suits her. Sharing some of her best beauty secrets, Solange has opened up on how she takes care of her natural hair, how she styles it and how she likes to take care of her skin. She also reveals that while she doesn’t often wear much makeup, she loves bright lipstick and it’s now a part of her signature look. Here are some of her top tricks that keep her looking gorgeous.

  1. Her Simple Makeup Routine

Solange rarely wears much makeup and usually just opts for mascara and lipstick: “If I’m DJing or if I’m doing meetings, even if I’m going to dinner with my boyfriend, I have a very simple routine. I typically just wear mascara and a bright coloured lip. I’m not too keen on heavy foundations and powders.” 

  1. Her Skincare Favourite

She found a skincare brand that has helped her breakouts: “I use a really great line; it’s called Epicuren. I had breakouts and I did everything you could think of and then I just stopped doing everything and then my skin just started getting better and better. So, I do that, and I’m really adamant about my sleep that’s the one thing, if you ask anyone who knows me I’m like I have to have 10 hours of sleep.”


  1. She Loves Bright Lipstick

She is rarely seen without a bright lip: “I’d much rather wear lipstick than foundation, eyeshadow or anything else. It works for me. I feel like orange is universal. I wear it throughout summer, autumn and winter…”

  1. Her Hair Treatment

How she treats her natural hair: “I also use raw shea butter every day and the pure argan oil when [my curls] are really dry. Once a week, I take the time it takes to wash them and make a mask. Then I brush them gently, always starting with the tips. In general, I sit under a dryer to penetrate the mask. Then, once everything is rinsed and clean, I take two small sections of hair and I twist. I repeat the process, strand by strand. Then I take a shower, but I do not wet my hair, I just let the steam curl it a little. Sometimes I’m tired of doing all this, and I’ll do braids or extensions, to get a break.”


  1. Her Favourite Natural Hairstyle

Solange loves throwing her hair into a quick twist hairstyle: “I actually love my natural hair when it’s in a twist out and it’s been slept on for five days and revived by the steam of the shower.”