5 Celebrities Speak on Co-Parenting Their Kids

The end of a relationship is never easy, especially when there are kids involved. These 5 celebrities have spoken on how they’ve managed to put their differences aside and co-parent their kids. Although it’s difficult, they do their best to make it as easy as possible for their kids and many say they successfully work alongside their exes to create a happy and balanced environment for their children.

Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer does her best to work with ex-husband Marc Anthony: “This is a learning process and even with Marc and I, I said, ‘We should do, maybe, things together.’ One of the questions at Christmas was, ‘Ok, why aren’t we spending Christmas with Daddy, me, you and Emme?’, Max asked… I said, ‘Well, we can, we can.’ I said, ‘When you go and spend time with Daddy that’s your special time with Daddy for you.’ He was like, ‘Well, why can’t we do something together with Daddy?’ And I said, ‘We can, I’ll talk to Daddy about it.'”