5 of Lea Seydoux’s Top Beauty, Makeup& Hair Secrets

Posted by admin on September 17th, 2017

French beauty Lea Seydoux has shared some of her tips for staying gorgeous. Picking up some of the beauty trends and tips from her home country, Lea loves French brands for skincare and keeps a simple beauty routine that ensures she’s always glowing. The actress, who will appear in the new Bond film, loves to stay feeling fresh even while on the go, and also likes to keep her hair clean. Lea has commented on the makeup she believes suits her best, and how she takes care of her skin when she’s off-duty too. Here are her top beauty secrets!


  1. She Lets Her Skin Breathe

5 of Lea Seydoux’s Top Beauty, Makeup& Hair Secrets

She always removes her makeup and gives her skin a break: “When acting I have to wear a lot of make-up, so when I’m not working I need to let my face breathe and be very comfortable. I always remove my make-up before going to bed. I also take a cold shower after a bath… it’s really stimulating.”

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