5 Stars Who Love Collecting & Experimenting With Beauty Products

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Those passionate about all things beauty can’t help but be excited by the array of new products they find in stores – keen to try out advancements in technology or just give the latest eyeliner a go, these 5 stars admit they can’t control their addiction and they’re always buying products, even when they’re just stashed away in the bathroom to be later experimented with! These beauty junkies love makeup and beauty products, and enjoy having one of everything so they always have a solution to any beauty problem!


  1. Dita Von Teese

5 Stars Who Love Collecting & Experimenting With Beauty Products_1

Dita does her own makeup so likes to have many choices: “I have a lot of beauty products but I don’t have a stylist, I don’t travel with a glam squad, I do my own hair and make-up for events and everything, so I have a pretty big beauty kit because I love make up. I always have at least ten red lipsticks in my beauty kit because I have so many different shades of red that I love.”