5 of Jennifer Aniston’s Best Skin& Hair Secrets

Jennifer Aniston’s beauty is always timeless. She sticks to simple looks that never seem dated, and she still looks effortless and elegant. It’s a low key routine that works beautifully and doesn’t look too high maintenance. Jennifer favours simple products that aren’t overly elaborate, and some that are even inexpensive. She styles her hair with her fingers and uses regular masks to keep her skin and hair looking fresh and replenished. Here are some of her top tips and secrets for looking great! 

  1. Her Royal Skin Secret

She uses royal jelly on her face: “During the winter, I try to stay out of the sun, I’ve also been using royal jelly. My facialist told me that if you apply royal jelly to your skin during the fall and winter months, it helps rejuvenate your skin and has tons of benefits.”