Jennifer Aniston on Her Natural Summer Makeup & Beauty Tips


Former ‘Friends’ actress Jennifer Aniston has shared her top summertime makeup tips, insisting that she prefers a natural look. She reveals that when the weather heats up, she likes to ditch make-up as much as possible during the summer months because she thinks it’s more flattering. She says she keeps her look natural and minimal but always makes sure that her skin stays hydrated and loves Aveeno products for their simplicity:

”Summertime I wear the least amount, if any, make-up. I use a great moisturiser, Aveeno’s Positively radiant with SPF 30. It’s amazing.”

Jennifer does like to add some colour to her complexion, even during the summer months and she explains that she likes to create a simple glow. She firstly conceals any uneven skin or blemishes with concealer, and then adds a sweep of blusher and bronzer to perk up her complexion – an unfussy and simple approach to summer beauty. She also believes that moisturizing too regularly can be a problem because it can result in clogged pores and many people don’t realize the negative effect it can have on skin:

”If anything, I put a little concealer here and there, a little rose on my cheeks, dust with bronzer. That’s summertime. And it’s good not to over-moisturise because it clogs your pores! More moisture in the winter months, obviously. But here [in Los Angeles], it’s just like one big season.”

The actress says she loves to see the weather changing and always looks forward to spring:

”Nothing gets me more excited than the first day of spring.”