5 of Drew Barrymore’s Best Makeup& Skin Secrets

Having previously worked with CoverGirl for several years and now with her own ‘Flower’ cosmetics line, Drew Barrymore is an expert when it comes to all things beauty, especially makeup application and skin care. Preferring quite natural products and a minimal beauty look, Drew still likes to add a little colour to her face, be it a bright eye shadow or a 90s inspired dark lip. She has shared some of her secrets for creating a quick, simple and stylish makeup look and also a few of her skin secrets too. 

  1. She Uses Concealer & Lipstick for a Quick Beauty Look

Drew uses just a few basics for her everyday beauty look: “I love going out, and doing a little dot of concealer, and a kiss of something on my lip, and using the lip [product] on my cheek—just having those two items and running out the door. I actually always just double my lipstick as a cheek tint; it’s so great, so easy.”