5 of Drew Barrymore’s Best Makeup& Skin Secrets

  1. Her Tip for Stylish Spidery Lashes

She explains how to get dramatic spider eyes: “My recommendation [for the perfect spider lash look] is to take our Ultimate Mascara. Then what I like to do is take the mascara brush and clean the tip slightly, then I dot it along the bottom lash line and blend it in with my fingers to give a more lush and creamy liner look.” 

  1. Her Secret for Bigger Looking Eyes

Drew believes rimming the waterline on the bottom and top of the eye with black liner makes the eyes look bigger: “It makes your eyes look bigger, it really works! When I get home after an evening and I look in the mirror, I can’t believe how big my eyes look when I do this. It’s a genius trick. Now I do it all the time.”