5 Male Celebrities Who’ve Experienced Hair Loss & Bald Patches

These 5 male stars have all had to deal with losing their hair – finding a bald patch can be difficult for anyone but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world because there is more than one hair loss solution for men that works perfectly so no one even knows. Prince William has lost his hair in the spotlight famously early but isn’t afraid of all of the criticism, while some have underwent costly hair transplants to cover their loss up. Others are simply embracing it such as Jude Law, while Jason Statham has shaved his entire head so he doesn’t have to deal with losing his hair further in the future and it’s now just a part of his signature bad boy look. Take a look at these 5 famous guys who’ve all lost their hair in some shape or form – be it a whole patch, thinning or other hair loss.

Brendan Fraser

brendan fraser

Jason Statham

John Travolta
john travolta

Jude Law

Prince William
prince william