5 Makeup Ideas You Can Wear During the Day

Casual, daily makeup requires a certain balance: dark smoky eyes and heavily painted-on makeup is over the top (save these for a night out) and the key to looking stylish during the day is to go quite natural – that doesn’t mean it has to be completely bare or boring. Here are 5 makeup ideas that appear subtle but make you look more polished, elegant and chic. They’re also relatively low maintenance and unfussy so you don’t need to keep checking up on your makeup during the day when you are busy.

  1. Subtly Bronzed

This look is all about looking sunkissed but in a very subtle way. Sweep bronzer below your cheekbones to highlight, add a nude lip loss and finish the look with structured eyebrows and some bronzed/tan eyeshadow in a shade that isn’t too dark for daywear.

  1. The English Rose

This is a classic look that suits most skintones. Play with the pretty pink tones in your makeup bag – a light cream blush, pale pink lipstick and a rose coloured eyeshadow are the basics for this look – add a slick of mascara and keep the complexion dewy.

  1. The Red Lip

The red lip can look gorgeous if you want to add something bright to your daytime makeup look – just keep it simple and leave eyes bare so it isn’t over-done, instead add structure to brows with a pencil.

  1. Peachy Pretty

This is the most natural looking beauty look – just add a peachy toned blush, eyeshadow and lipstick to your fresh foundation – a light layer of mascara is all this minimal look needs to be completed.

  1. Colour Pop

Daily makeup doesn’t have to be boring – here is a way to try something playful. Add a colourful eyeliner to your lower waterline, leave eyes otherwise bare.