5 Hottest Actresses With Nude/Hacked Photos

Everyone was salivating at the mouth when they found out Scarlett Johannson and Mila Kunis were hacked and had nude photos flying around…but often times, this is just one of those lame-o publicity stunts. Still, A list stars don’t often need the attention, which makes their nude photos even more titillating. Here are five A listers who have nude or hacked photos flying around because they were targeted by those oh-so-dangerous hackers!

Scarlett Johansson

She’s inside an investigation where her phone was hacked and a couple of nude self-portraits leaked to the public. They are just two pics, but even still- the FBI are on the case, which is one of 50 celeb hacker cases.

Mila Kunis

Granted, the nudes aren’t of her, but of Justin Timberlake…but, pretty juicy, huh? The two photos that surfaces were one of Timberlake shirtless and another of him with her panties on his face! Dang!