5 Easy to Follow Basic Workout Tips

A new year is approaching and we all want to start afresh with a new outlook. If you are hoping to take your fitness levels up a notch, try these 5 basic workout  tips to get you started and you’ll quickly be on your way to meeting your goals without having to pile too much pressure on – it’s about having fun and enjoying yourself in the process too! 

  1. Build Up to a Full Workout

Don’t jump into the deep end before you know how to swim. Take things slow, learn how to workout properly and build up your routine at a pace that suits you, as long as it is still sufficiently challenging, this is more beneficial and won’t leave you feeling like you cant cope with your chosen workout. You could also find the best personal trainers in your area to provide you with much needed fitness advice and will keep an eye on your form.

  1. Try Something Fun

One of the most common reason why people quit working out is because they aren’t enjoy themselves – and sure, it isn’t supposed to be a walk in the park – but you can still have fun. Select a workout that suits you – dance, yoga, aerobics – the options are limitless and you’re bound to find something you genuinely have fun doing. The time will fly if your enjoying your sweat session and it will feel less like an endurance test.

  1. Stay Entertained

Bringing along an mp3 player or switching on a good tv show as you run the treadmill is another good way to let your focus slip a little from your workout – it’s easier to workout if your mind is enjoying another activity and you can even find the experience relaxing too!

  1. Reward Yourself

If you are happy with your progress, dropped weight or reached a personal goal, feel free to reward your hard work – you have earned it for sticking with your regime! 

  1. Take Breaks

Too many breaks will slow down your results, very true, but there isn’t much harm in taking a day here and there to fully unwind and relax.