5 Celebrity Inspired Workouts to Try

It’s time to get started on your ‘get fit’ New Year’s resolution. Here are 5 celebrity inspired workouts you can try, each that tone core areas and will make the whole process of getting fit way more fun than just jogging it out on the treadmill. Get inspired by these celebs and what they do to stay in shape and give something new a go when it comes to workout out and staying fit –  you might even find yourself enjoying your workout time!

  1. Blake Lively – Acrobatics

Lively’s trainer reveals that she does acrobatic inspired training to stay in shape:  “She always looks good. But she has to do stunts, so we’re focusing on core and strength training.’ Her workout routine includes four-day-a-week, 90-minute circuit training sessions full of planks, push- ups and walking lunges in a gym near the film’s New Orleans set. She looked at her stomach and said, ‘I have abs!’ ”

  1. Hilary Duff – Boxing

Hilary’s trainer reveals that the actress loves boxing: ”Her main love is boxing. We skip rope and run boxing intervals with one minute of rest between. It’s important to find an activity you love so that you look forward to the workout. Hilary comes ready to train with a smile on her face because she loves the challenge of something new. She was really looking for a workout that was challenging and to be pushed to the limits of what she could do physically.”

  1. Kim Kardashian – Squats

Kim’s personal trainer revealed her workout which focused on core areas:  “Squats and lungs are very effective. They are very effective. Kim wanted to tone and tighten her bum without losing its shape – squats and lunges are perfect. We alternate the two, doing three sets of 12 reps each per session.”

  1. Rooney Mara – Kickboxing & Pilates

Rooney likes to combine different workouts including kickboxing and pilates:  ”I still do kickboxing because I loved it so much from ‘[The Girl with the] Dragon Tattoo]’. I also do a ballet-inspired Pilates workout and I run and hike. I like to change it around a lot.”

  1. Scarlett Johansson –  Martial Arts

An insider close to Scarlett says she loves practicing Martial Arts: ”Scarlett really got into martial arts. She has also logged a lot of time toning her muscles in the gym. She likes to mix up her workouts with circuits and resistance training.”