5 Divorced Celebrities Who Don’t Want to Remarry

These 5 celebrities all have at least one failed marriage under their belt and they’re not keen on having another. They admit that in the future they won’t be tying the knot again. Some have since found a partner who they’ve very happy with but who they won’t be making it official, while others are taking a time out after having several relationships fall apart in a row. Some have been married countless times and simply don’t want another divorce to their name, while others have just come to believe that being married doesn’t suit their lifestyle.


Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen, who has previously been married to Denise Richards, says he doesn’t plan to get married again because it’s something he doesn’t do well: “A couple of things I don’t do well – marriage and drinking. So I’ve quit both… Why would I (get married again). That’s not to say I couldn’t have a substantial relationship one day, but to ordain it with a piece of paper just feels like it makes things worse, just for me personally. Because those relationships, I want to say they were pretty good before the marriage and then something happens…”

Raquel Welch

Raquel says she can’t find anyone her age even if she was interested: “I’m just not suited for it any longer. I love men and I love their company, but I am too independent and self-motivated. I’m willing to date but, quite frankly, there is a diminishing group of eligible people at my age. I don’t mind the traditional roles of male and female but, as you can tell, I am a very strong minded woman. I’m sure I would be a challenge for an awful lot of men. They wouldn’t want to deal with it or, if they would like to deal with it, maybe I’m just not that interested.”

Patsy Kensit

Patsy has been married four times and won’t walk down the aisle again: “I don’t have any plans to get hitched in the future. In many ways I feel like I’ve had enough passion to last the rest of my life, Deep down, I know I am still a romantic but that doesn’t mean I am looking for a man or need someone in my life. I’m very content to be on my own and with my two sons. I’m not bitter about what has happened and my view of relationships hasn’t been tainted either. Everything in life is a lesson and I have learned from each marriage. Yes, I’ve made mistakes but every experience is a learning curve.”

Kurt Russell

Kurt and long-time love Goldie don’t plan to ever have a traditional wedding ceremony and make it official: “We felt a strong connection right away, like an instant marriage. We aren’t married in the traditional sense. But a few years ago we had a little symbolic ceremony with all our kids and dogs in our house in Pacific Palisades. Neither of us could even imagine having eyes for someone else.”

George Clooney

George says marriage is something that doesn’t work because of his career: “I tried marriage and it didn’t work. I have had long relationships with women and they get bored with me working all the time. My fear is that I would make a lousy husband and I don’t want to put myself, or anyone else, through the pain of finding out. If I was my girlfriend, I wouldn’t put up with me for very long!”