5 Celebs Speak on Finding True Love

Opening up on finding true love, these 5 celebrities have all spoken their mind on the subject. Some say they’ve already found their perfect other half who just completes them and makes them feel amazing to be around. Others say it hasn’t been as simple to find “the one” but they believe it exists and it’s possible to find. Staying optimistic and hoping they’ll find their match in the future, some of these celebrities continue to believe in love despite going through a breakup or divorce – they won’t be put off. Those who have found that person who they call their “true love” gush about how they see themselves with their other half for the rest of their lives and believe they’re truly happy now.



Angelina Jolie


When asked if she believes in finding true love, Angelina comments that Brad Pitt makes her feel that it is possible: “He makes me feel like there is. Will we grow old together? Of course. We wouldn’t have six children if we weren’t absolutely sure of that.”