5 Celebs Speak on Making Mistakes in Life

Everyone makes mistakes – it’s all about learning from them and how you bounce back. These 5 celebrities all admit that they haven’t lead perfect lives and have made plenty of mistakes, both personally and professionally, but it hasn’t stopped them from becoming successful and in the end it even taught them a lesson and helped them grow as a person. Brad Pitt even believes that it’s your mistakes that define you, because it’s in hard times when you really learn about yourself.


Brad Pitt

Brad says mistakes help you to grow because you learn about youself: “I’m a big believer that your mistakes define you as much as anything, it’s where you get real understanding of yourself. And intimacy. I believe you’ve really got to make your life. And so much of it is perception. This is the form I built for myself, so I have to accept it and work within these confines. And it’s up to me.”

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester says he has made many personal mistakes and some in his career too: “I’ve made a lot of personal mistakes in my time. I consider my life 10 per cent on target, and 90 per cent mistakes. But those 10 per cent counted. I’ve made a lot of career mistakes – a lot! Sometimes you’re making a film and you go, ‘It’s a turkey and it’s not even Thanksgiving. It’s bad.’ “

Sienna Miller

Sienna believes it’s only natural to make mistakes as you grown up: “I think if anyone documents their 20s, it’s not going to be ideal all the time. And I refused to conform. I wasn’t going to become agoraphobic. I was going to live my life. Of course I’ve made mistakes but I don’t really regret – I can’t really regret – anything, because that’s just part of growing up.”

Miley Cyrus

Miley doesn’t believe it trying to live a perfect life because you don’t learn anything that way: “I mess up – there you go! But if you live your life trying to be perfect, you don’t really live your life ever, because you don’t really make any mistakes and at the end of your life you won’t be very smart or wise.”

George Clooney

George says it’s all about bouncing back: “I’ve made mistakes in judgement and I’ve failed many, many times. I’ve had a lot of bumps and turns in my road. But the trick is how well you bounce back. That’s true in the movie business and it’s true in life. What’s my secret to success? The test is how you deal with it when everything goes wrong. It’s the easiest thing in the word to handle your career when it’s going well. When it’s not going well, that’s the important time.”