5 Celebrities Who’ve Tried Online Dating

Finding someone compatible is never easy and many of us are too shy to simply strike up a conversation with a perfect stranger. These 5 celebrities decided to give online dating a go, hoping to find love by browsing through some potential matches or simply by just having a profile out there for people to contact them through. Here is what they’ve said about entering the dating game via some online sites or apps.

Deborah Ann Woll


‘True Blood’ star Deborah tried online dating just as her career started to take off: “I’m shy, and I’d always had a hard time meeting boys. I had a serious boyfriend in high school, but Hollywood, where it’s all about being ‘cool,’ terrifies me! When I opened my Match account, I’d done a few guest spots but wasn’t on True Blood yet, and I wanted to find someone grounded.”

Halle Berry

Halle tried a few different sites but kept her identity secret: “I have been to a couple of dating ones just to see what everybody is talking about…[but] I am never who I say I am.”