5 of Halle Berry’s Top Anti-Aging Secrets

At age 48, Halle Berry could still pass for someone in her 20s, and her radiant, smooth complexion always looks so flawless and youthful. Halle has shared a few of her best anti-aging secrets, revealing how she stays looking so young even as the years roll pass. She somehow manages to stop the clock by looking after her skin and treating herself well too. The actress is also a big believer in protecting against the sun with SPF, as the harmful rays can cause premature wrinkles and skin damage. Here are her best anti-aging tricks and tips.


  1. She Doesn’t Wear Makeup Everyday

5 of Halle Berry's Top Anti-Aging Secrets_1

Halle skips makeup if she isn’t on set: “When I’m not working, I don’t really wear makeup. I think it’s a good chance to give the skin a break. I’m big on taking care of my skin so that I can go without makeup. I just grab and go, and what it looks like, it looks like.”