5 Celebrities Who’ve Received Really Strange Fan Gifts!

While some stars receive great gifts from their fans like big bunches of flowers, designer clothes  and nice wedding gifts when they tie the knot, others aren’t quite as lucky  and have received very strange things – these 5 celebs have all revealed something very weird that they’ve been gifted by a big fan. From fake ears to hippos, these gift really are truly strange – but it makes for a good story too and will always be remembered by the celeb who has been on the receiving end! These fans sure know how to pick a gift that won’t be forgotten.



Speaking on the weirdest gift she’s ever been given by a fan, Beyonce reveals a particularly noteworthy gift that is definitely one of the most bizarre ever: “Someone gave me a diamond-studded jar of Vaseline – very strange.”

Robert Pattinson

A big Robert fan sent him a long horoscope which said they belong together according to their readings: “One one occasion I got this really bizarre horoscope thing from someone. It was a full-on zodiac reading, charting and intersecting all this stuff. It was over 20 pages long and said we’re destined to be together. That was totally bizarre. I don’t really believe in that stuff anyway, although I do believe in Karma because it’s already bitten me on the a** so many times.”

Joe Jonas

Joe reveals that a big fan of ‘The Jonas Brothers’ decided to adopt a very special animal in their name: “A hippo was one of our gifts once. Somebody adopted a hippo in our name, so that was pretty amazing. I’d love to visit one day.”

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel was surprised to find a fake ear gifted to him: “One Japanese fan sent me a present – a plastic ear. It was rubbery and you were supposed to fold it up and hold it in your hand, then walk into a party and go, ‘Oh my God, there’s something wrong with my ear!’ and let it unfold. Everyone thought it was weird – then I found out that it’s a famous Japanese comedian’s best joke!”

Cher Lloyd

Cher was at a signing when someone landed her with a very unusual gift: “I was doing a signing and this person came up to me and they had something behind their back. They then put it on the table and it was a goldfish in a bag. They didn’t say anything, they just walked away and left me with a goldfish. I felt really bad as I couldn’t go home with it so I gave it to someone who had a pond.”