5 Celebrities Who go on Juice/Liquid Diets

Liquid diets have become a huge dieting trend, especially in the celebrity world. Although they are often referred to as “cleanses” or detoxes” these only liquid diets have been called out by doctors who say they could easily lead to sudden death, depending on how far they are taken. Peaches Geldof is the most recent star who has said that she “juices” for up to a month at a time, while revealing a new skinny look.



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Beyonce went on a maple syrup based diet in order to quickly lose weight for a role, but says she wouldn’t recommend it otherwise:  “It was a liquid diet where you lose weight really fast,I would not recommend it if someone wasn’t doing a movie, because there are other ways to lose weight. But I needed to lose it really quick, and I put the weight back on as soon as I finished, so I am no smaller or bigger than I’ve always been. It was strictly for the movie.”