5 Celebrities Who Think Women Are Too Mean to Each Other

Believing women are too harsh and mean to each other, these 5 celebrities think women need to learn how to be there for each other and support each other more. Some have discovered first hand how bitchy and mean other women can be, while others just think women are stronger when they’re united. Here is what they have to say on the subject.

Cameron Diaz


Cameron thinks women are harsh on each other, especially as they age: ”I wish that women would let other women age gracefully and allow them to get older and know that as we get older, we become wiser.’

daryl hannah

Daryl Hannah

Daryl has experienced hate from other women: “When I dated a musician I learned that the girls backstage don’t want you around, you know what I mean? I’ve dealt with a lot of women not liking me because of my physical appearance, let alone anything else. I think American women are very aggressive.”


Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer believes women are often too critical of each other: “So all of the sudden being funny is making fun of the girl that’s wearing an ugly dress. And the word fat! I just think it should be illegal to call somebody fat on TV. I mean, if we’re regulating cigarettes and sex and cuss words because of the effect it has on our younger generation, why aren’t we regulating things like calling people fat?”


Khloe Kardashian

Khloe thinks women need to stop comparing each other: “We are sisters and women need to stop being compared to other women! Beauty is not how we look, it is how we act.”


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie thinks women need to be more supportive of each other: ”I like the idea that it’s time for women to stop bashing other women. Certain things have happened in the last few years that have humbled me and made me less judgemental of other women – particularly other women in my position … I’m a real girl’s girl and, the older I get, I become more pro women doing what they need to do to achieve their ambitions. We need to celebrate each other more – everybody fails and makes mistakes.”