Khloe Kardashian Reveals Her Gym Makeup & Skin Routine


Sharing via her website about her gym makeup and skincare routine, Khloe Kardashian has commented on the makeup she usually wears while working out. The reality star explains that she’ll often just keep the focus about the eyes and applies just mascara and eyebrow makeup, but if there will be cameras she’ll cover her spots with some concealer too:

“Honestly, I barely wear makeup for the gym. When I film my Khlo/FIT segments, I’ll spot treat with concealer – I want to look good for you guys!!! – but my normal gym routine is just mascara and brows.”

Khloe adds that her lashes and brows are naturally blonde so that’s why she likes to add just a touch of natural makeup while doing a workout:

“Because I have blonde lashes and eyebrows, I just feel naked if I don’t have anything on! I use regular mascara because waterproof is super hard to get off and I want to keep my lashes healthy.”

Following her sweat session, Khloe says she has a skincare routine to declog her pores and she believes exfoliating after a workout is so important to keep skin clear and fresh:

“I have a solid skincare routine for after the gym, to keep my pores from getting clogged. I wash my face withKiehl’s Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser, and then use Christie Kidd’s Fresh Pads (kind of like Stridex pads). If I don’t have those pads with me, I make sure to exfoliate with a terry cloth towel and hot water. Exfoliating post-workout is key.”