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5 Celebrities Who Prefer Natural & Organic Beauty Products

Passionate about natural beauty products, these celebrities go organic when possible and prefer to use chemical-free moisturizers, cleansers and more on their skin. Always reading the label to see what they’re applying to their skin, these stars don’t believe in using products with complicated formulas and stick to simple but natural alternatives when possible. Some are even so passionate about organic skincare that they’ve released their own beauty ranges. 

  1. Alicia Silverstone

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Alicia has created her own skincare line because she thinks it’s important to know what’s in products: “When you go to put things on your face, you want to treat it the same way as (the food) you’re eating. Our bottles are actually made from 95 per cent recycled material. Anything that was going to end up in a landfill has been reused and repurposed for these bottles. The ingredients are like shea butter, avocado, sesame seeds, champagne grapes, passion fruit, fruit juice, aloe vera – really yummy, good, nourishing ingredients. There’s nothing harsh going into your skin, yet they perform just as well as everything else out there.”

  1. Christine Taylor

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Christine realized she wanted to know exactly what she was using: ”For a period of time it was about what worked and what was good. And then with having kids came that turning point because I wasn’t reading labels for myself. You just have to read one or two articles about some red flag [ingredient] and then start looking and you see that that [ingredient is] in everything. It was just a natural shift.”


  1. Miranda Kerr

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Miranda has created her own organic line which she uses herself: “When I started modeling full time (at around eighteen) I became aware of the nasty chemicals contained in most skincare products and I searched to find a range of organic skincare products that were not only certified organic but also delivered results. I was unable to find anything on the market that delivered what I was looking for (in my skincare) so I decided to create my own range.” 

  1. Nina Dobrev

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Nina doesn’t believe in using chemical-packed products: ”I honestly believe it’s important not to put chemicals in your body and keep it as pure as possible. You really need to take off your make-up, and let your skin breathe sometimes. I always have makeup wipes and moisturiser when I fly. I take all my make-up off and lather on Origins GinZing moisturiser. It actually revives your face within seconds. I can’t even describe it.”


  1. Shailene Woodley5 Celebrities Who Prefer Natural & Organic Beauty Products_5

Shailene only uses organic products on her skin: “On my skin, I keep everything very natural, too. I use Sea Buckthorn from Living Libations to take my makeup off at night and to moisturize my face. The company is based in Canada and they have the highest-integrity products that I have ever found. Everything is next-level, beyond pure.”