5 Celebrities Who Named Their Kids After Someone Important to Them

Posted by PZ on August 3rd, 2020

It may seem like some celebrity names are just pure nonsense or made up – but these celebrities have named their children after real people who have been important to them in their lives. Some may have passed away and this is their way of paying tribute, while others are just showing their love for the person who they feel has been a big influence in their life.

Alyssa Milano


Alyssa named her son Milo after her two grandfathers: “For all of you asking, Milo was named after his two Grandfathers, Miller and Thomas. Two very important men in my life.”

Blake Lively

Blake chose to name her daughter James after husband Ryan Reynolds’ late father. She explained that although it’s an unusual choice for a girl, she’s happy with the tribute to Ryan’s family: “It’s a family name, and I liked having a boy’s name. I thought I’d pass it along.”

Channing Tatum

Channing’s daughter Everly has two middle names, one from a grandmother on each side of the family: ”Two middle names, Elizabeth Maiselle, after both our grandmothers.”

Miranda Kerr

Miranda gave her son ‘Chris’ as his middle name as a tribute to an old boyfriend who tragically died: “Chris and I had been dating for two years. After he died, I wrote him a letter that said I hoped to name my first child after him in some way. I told Orlando and he was the one who said he’d be happy to do that. Orlando’s a good guy.”

Vin Diesel

Vin named his daughter after his close friend Paul Walker who died in a car accident. He explained: “I named her Pauline. There’s no other person that I’m thinking about as I’m cutting this umbilical cord. I knew he was there and I felt like, you know, a way to keep his memory a part of my memory, a part of my world.”

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