Salma Hayek’s Beauty Routine Inspired by Her Grandmother

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Salma Hayek, who has her own beauty and skincare range named Nuance, and spoken on how her own personal beauty routine is inspired by her grandmother. The actress reveals that she learnt a lot about how to look after her skin from her and she realised that the same kind of beauty advice hadn’t been applied to a skincare range before because so many products are made just based on trends. She explained that she has also learnt from her own personal experiences:

”I think that my beauty routine, and how I see beauty is from what I’ve learned from my grandmother. It made me realize that there are things that were not out there because [most brands] go by trends. There are things that are really good that are pushed to the side just because they’re trying too hard to sell you the new thing to always create some kind of event. But this is a personal line based on what women need. Like, now my hair, I have to dye it and you need masks. Now we have the masks because I needed them. I started to dye my hair, and I said, ‘Wait a minute. We’re missing some products in the line.’ And so we made them.”

Salma has always been passionate about all things beauty and comments that she loved to apply makeup from a very young age, especially on other people, and she always really enjoyed the experience of transforming people and using makeup:

”I always loved makeup. I guess I really liked to paint. I didn’t discover that until later, but I was doing makeup when I was 14. I use to make people up, like older friends, or cousins, and I remember they use to come to my house for special occasions, and when I started out, I used to do the make-up of the girls in my acting class that were doing their head shots. I love it. I love make-up.”