5 Celebrities Who Can Fly Planes

Posted by PZ on September 3rd, 2017

Harrison Ford

Harrison reveals that he keeps his acting career only so he can afford to fly his private plane: “I’m so grateful that people still want to see me on screen – with my fees I can finance my armada. If I didn’t get any roles anymore I would have to go by plane as a normal passenger. Apart from the flying I live quite frugally. I’ve never bought a single suit in my whole life. Instead, I just always wear the clothes from my films.”

Hilary Swank

Hilary learned to fly for her part as Amelia Earhart in ‘Amelia’: “I absolutely love flying. I picked up my boyfriend from a meeting in Las Vegas. I said to my instructor, ‘Can we pick my boyfriend up?’ and he said, ‘Sure.’ So we flew to Vegas and showed up at the airport. John said, ‘You cancelled my flight and I’m getting in that plane?’ And I’m like, ‘You’d better – we flew all this way to get you!’ He white-knuckled it the whole flight.”

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