5 Celebrities Who Air-Dry Their Hair

Gorgeous looking hair doesn’t always have to be complicated or hard to achieve. These 5 celebrities love to let their locks simply air-dry after they’ve washed it. Helping natural waves to develop during the slower air-drying process, these stars are left with a less damaged, beautifully wavy natural hairdo that requires no effort at all. Some add beach or wave spray and scrunch their hair before allowing it to dry naturally, while others just comb it through or quickly style it with their fingers and they’re done! 

  1. Jennifer Garner

Jennifer’s stylists have advised her to let her hair dry naturally and now she rarely uses a dryer: “They taught me that letting my hair dry naturally – which is what I do every single day – is good for it…but it’s not always going to look good. Pulling out the blow-dryer and the curling iron really does make a difference. But to be perfectly honest, I don’t know even know where the hair dryer is in my house.” 

  1. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer styles her hair with her finger tips and lets it air-dry: “I wash my hair with No Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner. With PHD Styling Treatment I can air-dry and style my hair in 10 minutes, when it used to take 25 minutes.” 

  1. Lauren Conrad

Lauren spritzes her wet locks with beach spray, scrunches and allows it to dry naturally: “When I don’t have that much time to do my hair I use a beach spray. I spray throughout my hair right after I get out of the shower. Then I scrunch it and let it air dry to create messy waves.”

  1. Lucy Hale

When she’s not due on set, Lucy lets her hair dry on its own: “I use Frederic Fakkai shampoo, I just like the way it smell and the way it makes my hair look. If I’m not working, I usually just let it air dry. I don’t really use a lot of hair products.” 

  1. Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole often lets her hair dry naturally and adds a wave spray by Herbal Essences to complete her look: “If I let my hair air dry, then I use the Tousle Me Softly Spray Gel which creates a natural wave that I really like.”