5 Celebrities Share Their Top Beauty Travel Tips

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  1. Kristen Bell

Kristen keeps some makeup essentials on hand to look her best: “I take along Borba water, especially in handy travel packs. I Ziploc-bag all of my makeup. I pack Jane Iredale mineral powder, Shu Uemura’s eyelash curler, Benefit’s Benetint cheek stain, Vincent Longo Liquid Lipstick, Lipfusion Color Shine in Sweet, and Clinique Naturally Glossy mascara.” 

  1. Miranda Kerr

Miranda has a few treatments she always uses to stay feeling fresh: “I put on my rosehip oil – it’s really good to put it on in the plane. Sometimes I’ll spray my [Kora] citrus mist or my rose mist. Then when I get to the hotel I use my hydrating mask, because it really helps after the long haul flight. The [Kora] foot balm is definitely something that I need with all the high heels I wear.”