5 Celebrities Share Their Maternity Skincare Secrets

With so many rapid changes taking place, it’s more essential than ever to look after your skin during pregnancy. These 5 celebrities have shared their tips for looking gorgeous during those 9 months, and have opened up on what kept their skin radiant while also preventing damage such as stretch marks which can be common. Opening up on how they altered their usual beauty routines, these stars have spilled on how they kept their complexions glowing all through their pregnancy.


  1. Jessica Simpson

Jessica started cleansing and moisturizing more frequently: “My baby really loves my water and is taking all of it. I have to use a lot of moisturizer and I thought that it could break my skin out but I now know that it does more things than hydrate.” 

  1. Kelly Rowland

Kelly went for an all-natural beauty regime: “I’ve switched out anything with harsh chemicals. I use nothing but shea butter, pure cocoa butter and coconut oil. It’s amazing how all of those things work so well for my skin.”


  1. Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney found some products to protect her stretching skin: “I’m constantly using this pregnancy skin-care from Mama Mio — there’s one cream for your boobs and a few for your stomach. After I shower, I take five minutes to myself to apply the lotions and really take care of my skin.” 

  1. Miranda Kerr

Miranda slathered on natural rosehip oil to prevent stretch marks: “Actually, I used the rosehip oil throughout my entire pregnancy and I don’t have a single stretch mark—I had a ten-pound baby! It’s really nourishing and full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids.”


  1. Sienna Miller

Sienna used body oil and several other maternity products to keep her skin looking great: “There are lots of new beauty products I’ve been using too. I love Dr. Hauschka Blackthorn Body Oil – it’s really great for pregnancy. The Mama Mio products are brilliant too, as well as the Cowshed Udderly Gorgeous range. There’s so much out there.”