5 Celebrities Reveal Their Top Beauty Tips

We all have our own secret tips and tricks we’ve picked up from applying makeup or treating hair – these 5 stars especially have plenty of experience as they often get to work with top makeup artists and hairstylists who offer them professional tips and advice.  From keeping hair in check with a particular kind of hair oil, to adding some white eyeliner to make you look more awake even when your not, these 5 celebrities have plenty of sneaky beauty tips that keep them looking in top condition and give them that oh so talked about glow we’re all after!


Cheryl Cole

When stepping out on the red carpet, Cheryl likes to have some blush ready to apply: “In my red carpet clutch bag I keep eyeliner, of course. And lip gloss and sometimes I have a pre-loaded little blusher brush in the bag. It can make the inside of the bag a little dirty, but it’s a good trick.”

Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa has a simple tip to keep eyes soft even while applying makeup: “One of my favourite beauty tips is to put some excess moisturiser under each eye when doing your eye make-up so any flakes that fall below the eye can easily be wiped away when you are finished without pulling on the delicate skin under your eyes.”

Reese Witherspoon

Reese has lots of products which she keeps in handy places: “I have a bunch of different make-up bags – one in my car, one in my handbag and one at home. I try to keep them small, but I have about five lipglosses, mascara, cover-up, lipstick and blush.” When asked for her favourite beauty tip, Reese commented: “Put a little white eyeliner in the centre of your inner eye when you’re tired. It makes your eyes look awake!”

Kelly Rowland

Kelly loves to use powder to shape her face and has a favourite hair oil that adds shine: “My beauty tip? Contouring your nose and cheekbones with powder can work wonders. I use Moroccan oil on my hair – it’s great. I add it to the tips of my hair to condition and then over my shoulders for shine. It smells amazing.”

Kate Moss

Kate likes a simple beauty look but when she’s heading out she’ll add a classic red lip: ”I love natural beauty looks, but I’ll glam it up a little if I’m heading out with my girlfriends… depending on where we are going. I’ll either wear a light beige or a glamorous shiny bright red lipstick. I just use a really good moisturiser regularly and sunscreen. I also love to have a facial when I have the time and I drink lots of water.”