5 Celebrities on How They Style Simple, Natural Hair

  1. Kate Moss

Kate adds a little volume: “I use that Moroccanoil stuff, and then I blow-dry it upside down and brush it. Maybe I’ll give it a back-comb at the top.” 

  1. Miranda Kerr

Miranda washes her hair every second day and even allows it to dry on its own: “I can’t leave home without having fresh, clean hair. I wash it every second day unless I’m working back to back days, then I like to keep it fresh. There’s nothing better for me after I’ve freshly washed my hair and I’ll let it dry on its own.” 

  1. Shakira

Shakira says she doesn’t use any products: “The sun kisses my hair and it gives it a nice colour. I don’t really put anything on it, but I do condition it right after the beach.”