5 Celebrities on How They Style Simple, Natural Hair

When they’re not strolling down the red carpet with a professionally styled, elaborate hairdo, these 5 stars like to keep it natural. Explaining how they style and treat their hair on a daily basis, these stars keep product use to a minimal and many even allow their locks to simply dry in the sun. Opting for that natural beach wave look, this is a relaxed and casual way to style your hair that is unfussy but still so stylish. 

  1. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer simply uses her fingers or adds braids to create a wave: “I usually shape the hair around my face with my fingers—just twist it and then refine it with a brush and let it air-dry. I use Living Proof Amp styling cream, or I’ll put in two braids if I want a sort of manageable curl.” 

  1. Lauren Conrad

Lauren likes to add a beach spray to make subtle texture: “When I don’t have that much time to do my hair I use a beach spray. I spray throughout my hair right after I get out of the shower. Then I scrunch it and let it air dry to create messy waves.”