3 Stars With Amazing Bodies Reveal Their Workout Secrets

Most celebrities have the help of top trainers who give them their knowledge and work with that star to create a custom workout regime that helps them tone, lose weight or achieve any other body goal they’ve set for themselves. These stars make sure they stay in amazing physical fitness, not just for their roles or as part of their work, but also to give them the confidence they need to strut the red carpet, perform on stage or show off their fabulous figure. With so many workout programs out there, these 5 stars have all leaked their own special workout secrets that they like to stick to.


Jennifer Lopez


According to a friend close to Jennifer, she likes to mix up her workouts: ”Jen is up at 6am every morning for an hour’s exercise. She hates doing the same workout twice and likes to switch it up with core-strengthening routines, yoga or runs or the beach. She takes a skipping rope with her when she travels and, when she gets a spare moment, will drop to the floor to do around four minutes of sit-ups. Jen likes to work out with Casper as they really egg each other on.”

Kirstin Cavallari

Kristin trains four times weekly and mixes cardio with weight training for best results:”I work out four days a week. I do 20 minutes of cardio followed by 30 to 40 minutes of weights. And I’ll do my lunges with a bicep curl so I’m working two body parts at once.”


Rihanna’s trainer says the singer does cardio at least three times a week:”She’s got such a beautiful body naturally.With someone like her, it’s about the fine tuning. She’s been really focused and stepped it up increasing her sessions to five days a week and bumping her cardio to a total of 30 minutes a day from 10″.