21 Celebrities Who Should Be Careful About Going To Indonesia

Photo of Sienna Miller by INFdaily.com

This is a warning to all female celebrities and women in general who plan on going to Indonesia.  Watch what you wear.

In 2008, an anti-pornography law was passed to ban public displays of nudity and “behavior that could incite lust.”

And on Friday, Fauzi Bowo, the governor of Indonesian capital, Jakarta, proclaimed that women must not wear revealing clothes to avoid being raped or victimized.

Of course, Bowo’s outrageously stupid statement provoked a lot of anger from Indonesian women, who decided to protest it by coming to Jakarta wearing mini-skirts and carrying placards saying things like “Don’t tell us how to dress, tell them not to rape,” and “My body is not porn, instead it’s your dirty mind.”   Bowo did apologize.  But I’m not sure if his statement was just an innocuous error.  There are plenty of fundamentalists in Indonesia who have been trying to impose stricter Islamic laws, so his comment is not at all surprising.

Below are a bunch of celebrities who have been photographed wearing mini-skirts.  Be thankful that you live in the United States where you won’t get blamed for wearing them if you get assaulted.

All the photos of the following 20 celebrities wearing mini-skirts are taken from INFdaily.com.  Enjoy them but please don’t have dirty minds.