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8 Gross Sweaty Celebrities

You think these celebrities are sexy? Well prepare to see them looking a little un-sexy, because these stars have clearly forgotten the importance of deodorant before they head out and get all sweaty (especially on the red carpet), showing off their sweaty underarms with pride – er, probably because they don’t know there is a …

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6 Stars With Body Hang-Ups

Most stars seem to have flawless bodies, so it seems strange to hear them speak about things they don’t like about themselves, but these 6 stars all have something that they had a hang-up about. Kim Kardashian didn’t like her curves before but has since learned to embrace them, while Katherine Heigl doesn’t like her …

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6 Celebs Who Were Bullied

They may be famous now, but these 6 stars all had problems with bullying in the past. Some were picked on at school, while others had their homes egged or were bullied because of their looks. Each star has shared their bad experience, speaking on what happened to them, how they got through it and …

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