14 Stars Guzzling Energy Drinks

While some stars need coffee to get their engines going in the morning, these 14 caffeine-hooked stars all power up on energy drinks. Be it a double dose of Red Bull (sugar-free to cut calories of course) or a few cans of Rockstar, these stars have been spotted downing their energy drink of choice to give themselves a little more motivation to go on. Lindsay Lohan and Jersey Shore‘s J-Woww are two such ladies who are obsessed with energy drinks, drinkin’ up enough of the stuff to constantly give themselves wings!


Photos: INFdaily.com



Samantha Ronson

Meagan Good 

Lindsay Lohan 

Kari Ann Peniche 

Jessica Simpson 

Jessica Szohr 


Hayden Panettiere 

Emma Stone 

Diablo Cody 

Demi Moore 

Demi Lovato 

Britney Spears